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Monsters 1880's Style Corset

Monsters 1880's Style Corset

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"Unleash your inner monster with handmade lingerie in classic 1880's style corsets. Embrace your unique self while looking fierce and fabulous! Who says corsets have to be boring? Not us! (Beware of howling at the moon while wearing)."


Your corset is designed to give you the shape and support for late 1900s fashion with light to moderately tight lacing and a waist reduction of 1-5”. We also suggest that you wear your corset a few times before your first event to get accustomed to the feel and posture, and allow the stays to season to your body. Think of it like a new pair of shoes.


To put the corset on by yourself, open the busk and loosen the laces so there is no strain on the corset when hooking up the busk. Be sure to latch every busk hook before beginning to tighten. Double check that the corset is centered on your body and then tighten via the “rabbit ears” at the waist. The drawstring at the neckline may be used to cinch in the top edge. Always loosen the lacing before undoing the busk when undressing to avoid putting stress on the busk closures.

Cotton corsets and stays can be hand washed, air dried, and ironed on a warm setting. Do not soak for extended periods. When in doubt, dry clean.
A spritz of a 50/50 vodka/water mixture can help freshen them between laundering.

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